Leuze electronic nominated for the "Best of Industry Award 2019"

With its "Smart Process Gating" muting process, which does not use signaling sensors, Leuze electronic is qualified as a winner of the 2019 GIT Security Award for the "Best of Industry Award 2019".

"Smart Process Gating"
is based on the
MLC 530 safety light curtains
from Leuze electronic.

Owen, April 5th 2019 – In 2019, the "Best of Industry" awards will be presented by "MM Maschinenmarkt" for the fourth time. A jury of experts and the online community of the specialist media award the prize to outstanding products and innovative concepts. Amongst the nominees are products and technologies from companies that have already won an industry award or were nominated for one. The readership and the expert jury each have 50% of the votes in the decision. The jury consists of experts from industry and research as well as specialist editors from "MM Maschinenmarkt". Leuze electronic has been nominated as the winner of the 2019 GIT Security Award in the "Safe Automation" category with its "Smart Process Gating". This is a new process from Leuze electronic, based on the MLC safety light curtains, which make access guarding with material transport cheaper, simpler and safer. For example, in intralogistics, as well as in the automotive and packaging industries, material locks on conveyor lines often have to be protected against unauthorized access by means of optical safety sensors. Previously, muting processes with muting sensors were required in order to clearly identify when transported goods are approaching a protective field and to bridge the passing of these goods through the protective field at the correct moment. The SPG (Smart Process Gating) method developed by Leuze electronic is an innovative alternative, and it eliminates the need for signal-emitting sensors. Based on the MLC safety light curtains, conveyor systems can thus be made more compact. The risk of misalignment or damage to the sensors is eliminated as are the costs for their maintenance and servicing. Furthermore, the purchasing costs, the wiring and risk of manipulation are reduced, which increases the availability of the complete safety device. With SPG, the first muting signal comes from the process control (PLC), while the second muting signal is generated by the protective field itself. Smart Process Gating requires a detailed knowledge of the process, so that the necessary SPS control signals are made available in the expected time window. The MLC 530 safety light curtain variant with Smart Process Gating (SPG) is TÜV-certified for safety. The achievable performance level of the solution is attained in conjunction with the system control that is used: PL d (with standard control) or PL e (with safety control).

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