Leuze electronic sponsors inclusion sports and games festival

Leuze electronic once again sponsors the annual inclusion sports festival organized by the Esslingen Youth Sports Association (Sportkreisjugend Esslingen), the Ötlingen Sports Association (TSV Ötlingen) and the Kirchheim Pedagogical Professional Seminar (Pädagogischen Fachseminar Kirchheim) on the Rübholz sports grounds in Ötlingen.

Numerous volunteer helpers make this inclusion sports festival
possible every year.

Owen, October 9, 2018 – On the last Saturday in September, the Esslingen Youth Sports Association, the Ötlingen Sports Association and the Kirchheim Pedagogical Professional Seminar have, for many years now, organized an inclusion sports and games festival for disabled and non-disabled people of all ages on the sports grounds of the Ötlingen Sports Association in Rübholz, Ötlingen. Leuze electronic finds this togetherness to be very rewarding and has once again supported the festival of inclusion with a donation of 300 euros. The donation was used to sponsor presentations, track and field events, relay races, activity stations and trampoline. All participants received medals and certificates for their achievements – each group also received a certificate with group photo and a trophy.

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