Bronze for the RSL 400 in the 2016 handling award

After winning the 2016 GIT Security Award and the 2016 Industry Prize, the RSL 400 has now received third place in the 2016 handling award.

Owen, October 14, 2016 - A major industry honor, the handling award was presented for the third time by the trade journal "handling" in cooperation with the organizers of Motek. The 2016 handling award for the RSL 400 safety laser scanner from Leuze electronic was presented on October 11 at Motek, the international trade fair for automation in production and assembly in Stuttgart. Awarded third place, the RSL 400 was recognized as an outstanding product in the Quality and Safety category. With its modular design, the user can select from various equipment and function variants and, as a result, can assemble a product tailored to his individual application requirements with a good price/performance ratio. All models of the RSL series have a scanning angle of 270°. The operating range can be selected in four steps, from 3 m to 8.25 m. As a result, the RSL 400 can safeguard large areas of up to 160 m2 or long sides of a machine around a corner with just one device. With an angular resolution of 0.1°, the RSL 400 offers high availability and is very resistant to dust particles. All device models feature a built-in Bluetooth interface and meet the requirements of ISO EN 13849 and the EU machinery directive. They can be appropriately integrated in the machine control with an 8-pin M12 connection or 16-/29-pin cable in three lengths. Thanks to their Ethernet interface, all devices are fully network capable. The electronic spirit level is integrated as is a large, plain-text display for easy on-site commissioning.

You can find more information and a product video here:

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